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An original culinary style that knows no bounds in the selection of the best raw materials and local producers and fishermen, in the search for the most suitable preparation techniques to enhance them and in the experimentation of refined and surprising harmonies of flavors, colors, shapes and textures, the restaurant he becomes an ambassador of the flavors, tradition and authenticity of the land he represents.


  1. Fish-based appetizer

    • Tasting plate of fish "Sapore Divino"
    • Sicilian swordfish cannolo and ricotta mousse
    • Marinated salmon with figs, almonds and sour cream
    • Arancino of anchovies and aubergines seasoned with mint
    • Seafood salad
    • Scampi, burrata, Cetara's anchovies and vegetables cream
    • Fish tartare of the day
    • Salad of cooked or raw shellfishs, seasonal fruits and vegetables
    • Double cooked octopus, turmeric potatoes and confit tomatoes
    • Prawn cous-cous, mango on a creamed ricotta and pistachio
    • Seafood according to the availability of the day
  2. Meat appetisers

    • Tasting plate Sapore Divino
    • Hand-tied meat cooked on the grill with mustard sauce
    • Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, olive oil from the mill, rucola, Pachino's cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar
    • Suino Nero cured-meat on toasted bread
    • Fillet tartar
    • Meat carpaccio accompanied with flavoured potatoes and local cheese mousse (Provola dei Nebrodi)
First Courses

First Courses

  1. Fish-based first courses

    • Bavette, served with scampi and tomatoes on cream of mussels
    • Linguine, shrimps, pine-nuts and mussels cooked in saffron
    • Spaghetti with Veraci clams
    • Laganelle, lemon Cicada and Bottarga of Tuna
    • Paccheri, swordfish, aubergine and pistachio from Bronte
    • Linguine with sea urchins
    • Bucatini served with Amatriciana fish sauce
    • Risotto Carnaroli, bufala, lobster and caviar
    • Large black ravioli, prawns and clams
    • Grouper fish bauletti, citruses pesto and toasted pine-nuts
    • Risotto Carnaroli "sea flavoured"
  2. Meat-based first courses

    • Mezzelune of fresh pasta with aubergines and melted cheese
    • Paccheri, tomatoes, ricotta di bufala, basil and toasted hazelnuts
    • Risotto with zucchini, bacon and turmeric
    • Pennucce with browned vegetables and smoked provola

Main Courses

  1. Fish-based main courses

    • Swordfish rolls
    • Tuna steak and Sicilian ratatouille
    • Squids stuffed with onion Malvasia and pine-nuts
    • Swordfish dumpling in Aeolian way
    • Trio Sapore Divino (Swordfish rolls, salmons rolls and prawn)
    • Fish fillet on velvety potatoes and crip vegetables
    • Cod cooked at low temperature on Ghiotta emulsion
    • Mazara prawns 1° in a crust of almonds or pistachios
    • Grilled scampi/prawns 1° (per Kg)
    • Fish of the day (per Kg)
    • Grilled lobster or cooked in Catalan way (per Kg)
  2. Meat-based main courses

    • Steak, rochet, mushrooms and parmesan
    • Filet parcel, chard and Ragusano cheese DOP
    • Beef rollatini and crispy Bacon
    • Fillet, herbs on gazpacho and toasted bread
    • "Divino" fillet (wrapped in speck and sauteed with mushrooms and olives on toasted bread)
    • Rib of beef Wagyu (Kobe) per Kg
Main Courses

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